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When buying a backyard shed, one of the biggest considerations you have to make is how big a shed you will need. It’s more complex than simply wanting something big or small. You’ll have to consider several factors to make sure that you’re getting the right size. 

In this post, we’re sharing some of the most significant factors that come into play when deciding what size of shed you should get for your yard:

Factor #1: The Shed’s Function

Many homeowners now realize just how flexible a shed can be. It’s no longer used solely as storage. In fact, if you get the right size and style of the shed, you can use it for various purposes, whether it’s for a makeshift office, a workshop, a hobby room, a garage, or something else. 

When determining the right size of shed to get, make sure you think about how you’re planning to use the shed. Will you need shelves for your stuff? Will you have a big desk or work table for your projects? You want to be confident that you’re getting a shed that can hold all that you need while providing sufficient space to move around easily. 

Factor #2: The Size of Your Space

Before you get carried away by wonderful thoughts of a grand shed that’s as huge as a palace, you must first ensure that it will fit in your yard. The last thing that you want is to have a custom shed built only to find that there’s not enough space in your backyard for it. You can get a 12×12 foot shed for a large yard and an 8×10 foot for a medium-sized yard.

Remember that it’s not just the size of the building itself that you must consider. The foundation must be a foot larger than the shed on all sides. It would be best if you also think about setbacks from roads and property lines and other elements and features of your yard, like your landscaping.

Factor #3: Room for Expansion

Granted that you already know what size will work for your needs right now, think about what you’ll need in the next few years. If you do have the space for it, you might want to size it up a little for the future. Who knows? You might need extra room for your growing tools or gym equipment collection. Also, you might use the shed differently than you originally intended. Many homeowners transform storage sheds into offices or music rooms, so you might want to plan for the future here, too. 

Factor #4: Community Regulations

Lastly, you should speak with your local municipality or homeowners association to be sure that you comply with the regulations. Most localities often require registration for shed installation. A building permit might also be asked for if you’re getting a bigger structure. So make sure that you check with the relevant authorities that the footprint and height of your shed don’t exceed the set limit.


As you can see, choosing the right size for sheds is not as simple as wanting something big or small. There are a lot of considerations to be made, some of which we have shared here. By considering the use of the shed, the size of your yard, the regulations in your area, and your plans for future use, you can better determine the right size for your shed. 

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