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Owning a large recreational vehicle is a great way to take your adventures on the road, but where do you park when you’re not using the RV? RV garage plans can vary from person to person. Still, before you look for “steel shed builders near me” to create your perfect RV garage, consider these tips for your final design.

Why Do You Need an RV Garage?

An RV garage is a large metal or wooden structure big enough to house a recreational vehicle like a motorhome. The garage will keep your vehicle safe from the elements and vandals.

Yet, you don’t have to use the RV garage solely for your vehicle. When creating your RV garage plans, you can maximize the garage’s abundance of space to create a safe place to store your vehicles and an extension of your living space.

Ideas for RV Garage Designs

Planning to build an RV garage? Keep these considerations in mind.

Ensure the Garage Has the Right Clearance Height

RV garages differ from a typical attached garage primarily due to space. Because RVs are larger than standard cars or SUVs, they need a garage with a clearance height of at least 13 feet.

Most detached garages for recreational vehicles are 12 to 16 feet tall and 12 to 14 feet wide. This amount of clearance ensures you’ll have enough space to park the vehicle comfortably and still have enough space around the garage for other uses. 

Consider the Garage Style

Depending on your house style, property, and preferences, you could build an RV garage from an existing attached design or construct a standalone detached garage somewhere on your property. You could also build a loft garage with enough room for your vehicle and overhead storage space. 

It’s expected for RV users to have more than one vehicle. Consider building a garage with multiple bays to accommodate your RV and the car, van, or truck you drive daily. 

Enhance the Space

Your garage doesn’t have to be a spot for only storing your RV. Take advantage of the extra square footage of an RV garage by adding a workbench, game room, extra living space, or home office to the room. Plumbing, climate control, and LED lighting will also enhance the area to make it more versatile and cozy. 

With a spacious RV garage, you can also utilize your storage ideas. For example, you can install vertical shelves to use up the tall wall space and keep the floor open for other uses. You could also use custom cabinetry, hooks, floating shelves, and peg boards for garage storage. 

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